Zanelli Wood Working | Wood Types & Finishes

Mahogany is regarded by many as the world’s premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, trimming fine boats, pianos and other musical instruments, sculpture, joinery, turnery, figured and decorative veneer, interior trim, and carving.
Crotch Mahogany is a veneer cut from beneath the fork of the tree, is known for its handsome markings and beautiful finish.
Cherry is a premium American hardwood prized for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich, warm glow. This wood has a consistently high quality of grain, color, and width.
Maple is a strong and very durable wood. The strength of this wood allows it to be polished to a high sheen making it a favorite choice for furniture

Finishing – We will finish your item in the exact finish you want!
Specializing in Catalyzed Lacquer – All products will be painted in our warehouse minimizing our time in your home / business. We offer a wide range of finishes. If you don’t see one listed ask us about it, we can probably do it!
Lacquer Paint – In a general sense, lacquer is a clear or colored coating, that dries by solvent evaporation only and that produces a hard, durable finish that can be polished to a very high gloss.
Conversion Varnish – a transparent, hard, protective finish or film primarily used in wood finishing but also for other materials. Varnishes are also applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a film for gloss and protection
Veneering Finish – In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch), that are typically glued onto core panels (typically, wood, particle board or medium-density fiberboard) to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture.
Other woods used: Oak, Poplar and Fir, don’t see the type of wood you would like listed.
Ask us about it today, we will help you select the best for your project.